Securicards: a Magicard solution

About us

Part of Magicard Ltd, Securicards has been established in response to customer demand for a more efficient, quick and cost-effective service for pre-programed ID cards.

We pre-program your required credentials to blank cards and deliver them direct to you in a fraction of the time it usually takes, and 30% cheaper compared to other suppliers.

  • We can program and ship your card within 48 hours from receiving your order. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for 100 cards or 100,000.
  • We also help reduce your access control costs: on average our customers save 30% on their card expenditure when compared to their previous supplier.
  • Our service is totally secure: All your orders will be anonymized and all access control data wiped from our systems once your order is completed.

Who is the Securicards service for?

With 80% of proximity card users printing on their cards, it’s easy to see how important visual identification is. After all, users need to be able to accurately compare the image on the ID card to the person wearing it. And the cards need to withstand extended use over a period of years. In order to achieve this, you need to provide good quality cards as well as a good quality printer

Securicards products are engineered to withstand years of everyday use. Available with both PVC and durable PET composite construction, the cards are built to last. They are built for personalisation with a smooth PVC surface with minimal chip deflection so every card looks great, allowing you to print out of the box with no defects, especially if you use the right printer.

Superior service

Our Securicard service provides support on consumables as well as our printers and is backed by a commitment to service and lifetime guarantee for as long as the card is in use. Get in touch and find out how we can help you Get in touch.