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Contact Chip Cards

Contact chip smart cards are the same size as a standard CR80 card but also have a single embedded chip. The card is inserted into a reader and information is read or written on to the chip via electrical connectivity with its gold-plated contact pads.

The embedded integrated circuit chip can either comprise just memory, or it may also contain a microprocessor. Memory-only chips are more cost-effective but offer less security and less flexibility.

Information on chips with a microprocessor can be updated securely and can also contain enhanced security features (such as for EMV payment cards) to protect the contents of the chip’s memory from any unauthorised access.

  • Construction

    ISO 7810 CR80 printing ISO 7816
  • Material

    PVC or PET/PVC composite
  • Communication

    PC / SC ISO 7816
  • Format

    JavaCard® MULTOS® Proprietary systems
  • Memory

    Contact us with your requirements

Compare card types

125 kHz Proximity
SMA Proximity
MIFARE® Classic
ICC Chip/Contactless
Security level
Suitable for Physical access True True True True True
Prox compatible True True - - -
Suitable for Logical access - - True True True
Multi-application use - - True True True
Encryption Hexadecimal Proprietary Proprietary AES and 3DES AES and 3DES and more
SecuriCard delivery time 24 hours* 24 hours* 48 hours* 1 week* 1 - 2 weeks*
Typical supplier delivery time 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 1-2 weeks* 3-4 weeks*
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