Our specialized order fulfilment promise

Our security professionals are with you every step of the way.

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Step 1: Get in touch

Call to discuss your specific requirements with one of our access control experts. We guarantee we will:

  • Specify the best cards to suit your needs
  • Beat the cost of your current card supplier
  • Deliver faster than if you’d gone direct to the manufacturer
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Step 2: Tell us what you want

  • 1.

    Your card type requirements

  • 2.

    Your access control credentials

  • 3.

    The quantity of cards you need

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Step 3: Leave it to us

We securely program your cards at our facilities. All personal information such as names or addresses is anonymized and cannot be associated with your order.

Once your order is complete all the credentials you provided are destroyed.

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Step 4: Receive your shipment

Your order will be shipped the day it is completed from your nearest Securicards fulfilment center.

  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Tennessee
  • New York State
  • Ohio
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On average our customers save 30% on card expenditure compared to their previous supplier.