Card types

Every standard Securicard card contains an advanced data chip for seamless integration with existing proximity access systems from standard 26-bit to custom 40-bit formats including HID ISOProx®, HID Corporate 1000®, HID Indala®, Bosch, GE®, Honeywell® and Schlage®. The high-tech Securicards chipset allows for over 137 billion unique codes, ensuring every system remains unique, scalable and secure. Available in both clamshell and ISO printable form factors.
Upgrade any proximity system to take advantage of encrypted communication protocols without replacing expensive control panels or software. SMA (secure, mutually authenticating) Proximity cards use proprietary encryption to keep access control data secure and prevent sniffing or cloning. SMA Proximity cards and readers do not use factory set cryptographic keys. Instead, every system requires the owner to setup a proprietary secret key. This means that once an SMA Proximity system is deployed – it is extremely secure.
This medium-security access control smart card is designed to work with the MIFARE open standard using ISO 14443-3 type A communications and available in 1K or 4K formats. MIFARE cards are memory storage devices, where the memory is divided into segments and blocks with simple security mechanisms for access control. They are widely used for electronic wallet, access control, corporate ID cards, transportation or event ticketing. 1K MIFARE cards offer 1024 bytes of data storage, split into sixteen sectors. 4K MIFARE cards offer 4096 bytes split into forty sectors. of which 32 are same size as in the 1K with eight more that are quadruple size sectors. MIFARE uses an NXP proprietary security protocol (Crypto-1) for authentication and ciphering.
High security RFID memory cards with support for Triple-DES, 128-bit AES encryption, random ID and virtual card architecture. Available with 2 KB, 4 KB or 8 KB memory, DESFire EV1 cards are backwards compatible with legacy MIFARE® systems.
Securicards contact chip smart cards are the same size as a standard CR80 card but also have a single embedded chip. The card is inserted into a reader and information is read or written on to the chip via electrical connectivity with its gold-plated contact pads. The embedded integrated circuit chip can either comprise just memory, or it may also contain a microprocessor. Memory-only chips are more cost-effective but offer less security and less flexibility. Information on chips with a microprocessor can be updated securely and can also contain enhanced security features (such as for EMV payment cards) to protect the contents of the chip’s memory from any unauthorised access.
Multiple card technologies can be combined on one single Securicards card. This enables the seamless migration of an access control system from, for example, magnetic stripe communications to high security SMA proximity. Multi-technology cards are also a flexible solution for an access control system containing more than one type of communication interface or for interoperability between sites and systems.

Available formats

Securicards offers the following cards formats:
Bit format HID format match Market format match
26 bit H10301 26 bit Prox
26 bit F1 IDA Flexpass® Indala® Prox Indala®, Motorala® - (HID) ®
26 bit F2 EM N/A EM4100 Reader
32 bit H10320 Kantech®
33 bit F1 D10202 DSX Prox Card
33 bit F2 D10202 DSX Prox Card
33 bit F3 D10202 DSX Prox Card
34 bit odd parity H10306 Northern Computer®, N10002, Honeywell®
34 bit even parity H10306 Northern Computer®, N10002, Honeywell®
35 bit H50040 Corporate 1000®
36 bit C15001 KEYSCAN®
36 bit F1 (SPX1) C15001 KEYSCAN®, HID® Simplex
36 bit F2 (EPX) C15001 International 36 bit format, HID® Europlex
37 bit CN H10302 Long UID (12-digit)
37 bit F1 FAC + CN H10304 @mdo
37 bit F2 (customize) N/A 2-digit Fac + 10 digit UID (custom)
37 bit F3 (ADV) N/A Custom
40 bit C10106 CASI Rusco®, Honeywell®
HID Prox Type of card Securicards equivalent
1326 ProxCard® clamshell 125kHz CLM
1386 Printable PVC Prox card ISO-PVC
1336 Printable PVC Prox card with magnetic stripe ISO-PVC-MAG
1586 Printable PET Prox card ISO-PET
1536 Printable PET Prox card with magnetic stripe ISO-PET-MAG


Yes, we will be unable to take any orders for below 100 cards.
We cannot refund any orders where incorrect information has been supplied to us once cards have been programed.
Please use the below chart as reference for correct formatting when placing an ordering:
P – programed
N – Non-programed
Front of card
B – Blank with gloss finish
C – Custom artwork
Back of card
B – Blank gloss finish with small Securicards logo and punch guides
C – Custom artwork
Card numbering
M – Sequential matching numbered
NM – Sequential non-matching numbered
U – Un-numbered


If you should receive a defective order, please contact us at we will work to replace the defective cards.