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Image Description

MIFARE® Classic cards

A low cost, medium-security access control smart card designed to work with the MIFARE open standard. Utilising ISO 14443-3 type A communications. Available in 1K or 4K formats.

MIFARE cards are memory storage devices, where the memory is divided into segments and blocks with simple security mechanisms for access control. They are widely used for electronic wallet, access control, corporate ID cards, transportation or event ticketing

1K MIFARE cards offer 1024 bytes of data storage, split into sixteen sectors. 4K MIFARE cards offer 4096 bytes split into forty sectors. of which 32 are same size as in the 1K with eight more that are quadruple size sectors. MIFARE uses an NXP proprietary security protocol (Crypto-1) for authentication and ciphering.

  • Construction

    ISO 7810 CR80 printing
  • Material

    PVC or PET/PVC composite
  • Frequency

    13.56 MHz
  • Communication

    ISO 14443 Type A
  • Memory

    1K (1024 bytes split into 16 sectors) 4K (4096 bytes split into 40 sectors)

Compare card types

125 kHz Proximity
SMA Proximity
MIFARE® Classic
ICC Chip/Contactless
Security level
Suitable for Physical access True True True True True
Prox compatible True True - - -
Suitable for Logical access - - True True True
Multi-application use - - True True True
Encryption Hexadecimal Proprietary Proprietary AES and 3DES AES and 3DES and more
SecuriCard delivery time 24 hours* 24 hours* 48 hours* 1 week* 1 - 2 weeks*
Typical supplier delivery time 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 1-2 weeks* 3-4 weeks*
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