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Contact Chip Cards

Multiple card technologies can be combined on one single Securicards card. This enables the seamless migration of an access control system from, for example, magnetic stripe communications to high security SMA proximity.

Multi-technology cards are also a flexible solution for an access control system containing more than one type of communication interface or for interoperability between sites and systems.

  • Construction

    ISO 7810 CR80 printing
  • Material

    PVC or PET/PVC composite
  • Frequency

    125 KHz 13.56 MHz
  • Communication

    MIFARE® DESFire EV1® ISO 7816 PC / SC ISO 14443 Type A/B Hi-Co magnetic stripe
  • Compatibility

    26 bit H10301, EM4100 readers, Flexpass®, Indala®
    32 bit H10320, Kantech®
    33 bit D10202, DSX Prox cards
    34 bit H10306, N10002
    35 bit H50040, Corporate 1000®
    36 bit C15001, KEYSCAN®, HID Europlex® HID Simplex®
    37 bit I10304, H10302, Custom format: 2-digit Facility + 10 digit UID H10304
    40 bit C10106, CASI Rusco®, Honeywell®
  • Encryption

    Triple DES, 128 bit AES

Compare card types

125 kHz Proximity
SMA Proximity
MIFARE® Classic
ICC Chip/Contactless
Security level
Suitable for Physical access True True True True True
Prox compatible True True - - -
Suitable for Logical access - - True True True
Multi-application use - - True True True
Encryption Hexadecimal Proprietary Proprietary AES and 3DES AES and 3DES and more
SecuriCard delivery time 24 hours* 24 hours* 48 hours* 1 week* 1 - 2 weeks*
Typical supplier delivery time 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 2-3 weeks* 1-2 weeks* 3-4 weeks*
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